Working Group Recommends Changes to Non-Certified Aircraft

The CARAC Part V Maintenance and Manufacturing Working Group on Recreational Aircraft has completed its final report.

The report was made public on December 12, 2006 as part of the document package prepared for discussion at the January 11 and 12 2007 Part V Technical Committee Meeting.

Working Group Formed

The formation of this working group was reported to COPA members in the February 2006 issue of COPA Flight. That article explained the mandate of the Working Group and the reasons for its formation in the first place.

The Working Group was headed by COPA staff member Adam Hunt and TC’s Brian Whitehead. Membership in the Working Group included representatives from virtually every organization interested in non-certified aircraft in Canada. The group met throughout 2006 and the consideration of the issues was very thorough. The end result is a very comprehensive collection of recommendations.

Highlights of the Report

Some highlights of the 42 recommendations made by the Working Group include:

The complete text of the Working Group Final Report can be found on the COPA website in PDF format. All COPA members interested in non-certified aircraft are encouraged to read the final report.

Where Does It Go Next? 

The Working Group report is a long way from becoming part of the CARs.

It was presented at the CARAC Part V M&M Technical Committee held on 11 January 2007. The Technical Committee accepted it now becomes advice to the TC’s regulatory committee, who meet in February. They may decide to implement all of the report, some of it or none of it.

Any parts that are selected for implementation will then be subject to a formal TC risk assessment and drawn up as Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPAs). These NPAs are sent to the M&M Technical Committee for industry and association input, comment and approval.

Once passed that stage the NPAs then go back to the regulatory committee for approval and then onto the Department of Justice for legal drafting.

After legal drafting they go to the Canada Gazette Part I for public comment and then onto Canada Gazette Part II when they become law and are entered as amendments in the CARs. Obviously this process could take some time.

COPA Member Input

Both COPA and its members will have the chance to comment on any proposals to change the CARs that come out of the report at the M&M Technical Committee and again Canada Gazette Part I consultation.

COPA input to the working group, including co-chairing it, means that COPA believes that the recommendations of this report will make aviation better than it is today for those people interested in owning and flying non-certified aircraft. COPA will continue to monitor the progress of the recommendations from this report as they make their way through the regulatory process.

Comments about the Working Group report can be sent to COPA Staff member Patrick Gilligan at