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Airport Name Deer Lake
Airport Category Certified Airport
Nearest Community Deer Lake
Latitude (N): 49 12 39
Longitude (W): 57 23 29
Listed in Canada Flight Supplement Yes
Airport ident. CYDF
Appears on a VFR Navigation Chart Yes
Airport Elevation 72
Magnetic Variation 22W
  Runway (Main): Runway (2): Runway (3): Runway (4):
Number: 07-25
Length: 8005
Width: 150
Surface Asphalt. Runway 25 slopes down 0.25%.
Night Flying Yes
Maintained Year Round Yes
Radio Communications MF - Deer Lake Radio 122.2 MHz, RCO Halifax Radio 126.7 MHz (FISE), PAL Gander Ctr 134.6 MHz, VDF 122.2 MHz.
Telephone on the Airport Yes
Customs Airport Entry No
Fees on Private Aircraft
Landing $: 12.60
Terminal $: 0.00
Parking $: 0.00
Airport Fuel Tax (litre) $: 0.00
Comments About Fees: Most fees only apply to jet and turboprop aircraft, but piston aircraft are charged $12.60 combined landing, parking and general terminal fee.

Fuel Prices
100LL $: 2.74
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Fuel Prices with Taxes
100LL $: 2.74
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Date of Fuel Prices 2013-08-14
Fuel Price Comments FBO charged $50 parking fee for 4 nights parking.
*(include Telephone Numbers)
Jet-A with FSII
Avgas now available (Aug 2009).
+HST (13%) Unicom 122.850
Contact Nalair 709-635-3574
Airport Management Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority Inc. Tel: 709-635-3601
Airport Web Site
Airport E-mail
Other General Aviation Services on the Airport
Rental cars available in main terminal from all major agencies. Service at Nalair was great for us visiting from USA in Aug 2007. We did buy 100LL and parking fees were conveniently forgotten on our 3 nights parking. Parking is limited on the ramp and there are no tiedown ropes. Nice FBO building with Pilot lounge and briefing room.

Aug. 18, 2011, we visited the west coast of Nfld from Deer Lake. Compare prices and mileage between car rental agencies at the airport, there was a big difference. We rented from National and found they were very flexible on terms. Agree with comments about FBO. Found car rental staff extremely helpful. Also, tourism staff at desk at airport will help you find accommodation

July 2015: Flew into Deer Lake twice during July 2015. Deer Lake has the best weather of any airport in NL. NALAIR at Deer Lake and Aeroshell at St. John's are the only avgas retailers on the Island of Newfoundland. The two airports are just over 200 nm apart so plan accordingly. NALAIR phone is (709) 635-3574. Manager is a very helpful lady named Courtney, her after-hours cell is (709) 636-8938. E-mail: Business hours are 8-5 weekdays. $60.00 call-out charge outside of these hours or on weekends. NALAIR is a friendly and helpful FBO facility.

Security procedures at Deer Lake are taken VERY seriously by local staff, almost to the point of absurdity. There is no pass-through combination type gate anywhere that I know of; certainly none in the GA (NALAIR) area. If landing outside of business hours you must park at NALAIR ramp then walk to the terminal building, walk the entire length of the terminal building on the airside past/among any scheduled airliners that may be there, to the transient pilot's door at the far end of the terminal building, a total of nearly 1/4 mile. BE CERTAIN to have your Pilot's Licence on your person at all times. It pays to travel light.

Deer Lake offers Customs. Customs must travel from Corner Brook and are available 8-4 weekdays. Outside of these hours or on weekends or holidays an overtime charge will apply. The same conditions apply if landing at Stephenville.

Numerous rental car agencies at Deer Lake. They bring in more and more cars each summer but often run short of cars regardless. Very advisable to book ahead if possible.

Deer Lake is a good airport to use as a base if visiting western Newfoundland.

Don Ostergard, Comanche C-FLHV

Aug 2015
Very nice regional airport but expensive for GA. Spent 3 nights at 40$/night for parking + 3$/ltr for AVGAS. Outside normal expect to pay 60$ for service. NALAIR people are friendly but this is selfservice, tie-downs available.
Hotels/Motels with pick up at Airport
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Bed & Breakfasts with pick up at Airport 
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Birds Nest B&B; see
Wonderful service from Gordon & Judy
Restaurants on the airport or nearby 
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Camping Airport grounds: No
Washrooms Yes
Nearest COPA Flight Tel:
Other Local Aviation Associations & Telephone Numbers Stephenville International Airport.
International Port of Entry for this area.

Canada Customs at Corner Brook informed me they provide identical services whether landing at Deer Lake or Stephenville. (July, 2015)
Remarks HELIPADS: There are two 50 foot diameter helipads at the south end.

LIGHTING: Runway 07: Non-standrad 2600 feet AD with AS (TE HI) P2. Runway 25: AN (TE HI) only.


NDB "DF" 350 KHz 2.7 nm and 078 degrees to the threshold of runway 07.

VOR/DME: "YDF" 113.3 MHz or Channel 80 280 degrees and 7 nm to the airport.

ILS "IDF" 110.3. Localizer back course is reliable only within 25 degrees of centreline.

CAUTION: Water tower 1 nm north of the threshold of runway 25, 225 feet ASL.

General location map:,-57.392578&spn=5.914739,14.941406&z=6&iwloc=addr&om=1

Google sat photo:,-57.391376&spn=0.023548,0.058365&t=k&z=14

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