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Airport Name Brandon Municipal (McGill Field)
Airport Category Certified Airport
Nearest Community Brandon (4 miles south of airport)
Province: MANITOBA
Latitude (N): 49 54 36
Longitude (W): 99 57 07
Listed in Canada Flight Supplement Yes
Airport ident. CYBR
Appears on a VFR Navigation Chart Yes
Airport Elevation 1343
Magnetic Variation 9E
  Runway (Main): Runway (2): Runway (3): Runway (4):
Number: 08-26 14-32
Length: 6500 3000
Width: 150 60
Surface asphalt (08-26) gravel (14-32)
Night Flying Yes
Maintained Year Round Yes
Radio Communications MF Brandon Radio 122.1; RCO to Winnipeg Radio 126.7; PAL to Winnipeg Centre 132.25
Telephone on the Airport Yes
Customs Airport Entry Yes
Fees on Private Aircraft
Landing $: 10.85
Terminal $: 0.00
Parking $: 0.00
Airport Fuel Tax (litre) $: 0.00
Comments About Fees: Minimum landing fee $11.77
fees waived with fuel purchase
Be Aware:
Brandon Airport Customs Fees:
After 9/11 Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) stopped providing Canada Customs services at Brandon. To regain their Customs services and AOE status Brandon has to purchase Customs services on a "per aircraft" basis.
Brandon airport charges this cost of providing Canada Customs clearance directly to the aircraft owner. The airport is currently being charged by Canada Customs $600-$1000 per aircraft. If you clear customs here you will be billed that amount for the service. So don't plan to clear Customs here unless paying that much is acceptable to you.
Brandon airport is suggesting smaller aircraft can clear customs at the peace gardens free of charge. Runway 10 / 28 is 3000'. This airstrip can be found in the Flight Supplement under Dunseith/Intl Peace Garden ND USA.
Fuel Prices
100LL $: 1.49
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 1.14
Fuel Prices with Taxes
100LL $: 0.00
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Date of Fuel Prices 2016-12-30
Fuel Price Comments We are striving to have the lowest 100LL and Jet A-1 price's of any full service airport on the prairies!!

latest fuel price at Brandon Flight Centre.
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100LL and Jet A-1 FSII available
Brandon Flight Centre 122.95
(204)728-7691 or After Hours (204)724-3304.
Airport Management Tel:
Airport Web Site
Airport E-mail
Other General Aviation Services on the Airport
Airport Charghand: Corey Pennycook (Day to Day Operations Contact)
Telephone: 204-729-7026 (Voice) Fax: 204-725-4624

Brandon Flying Club
NEW! Free Wireless internet
Hangar Space
Passenger Lounge
Pilot Lounge
Pilot Rest Area
Power Cart
Recreation/Game Room
Flight Planning
Conference Room
Courtesy Car - 10 min to the tim's!
Customs Available - upon request (WARNING - there are very high fees to clear Customs - see fees section above for details)
Food Catering
Hotels/Motels with pick up at Airport
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Bed & Breakfasts with pick up at Airport 
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Restaurants on the airport or nearby 
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No restaurant at the airport but a number on Highway 1 only 2 miles away!
Camping Airport grounds: No
Washrooms Yes
Nearest COPA Flight WINNIPEG, Flight 35: 2002, Harry Wiebe, 78 Tweedsmuir Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3P 1Y7 ; fax 204-943-9507;; Tel: 204-489-0011
Other Local Aviation Associations & Telephone Numbers Commonwealth Training museum next to the Flying club is worth a peek.
Remarks Right hand circuits runway 26 and runway 32. Periodic extensive glider operations to 4000'ASL; gliders and tow aircraft operate from infield south of runway 08-26; gliders and tow aircraft fly circuits south of 08-26

CAUTION: Hydro power lines 154 feet AGL unlighted 6000' East of the threshold of 26.

Occasional parajump activity within 1 1/2 NM of the aerodrome to 14,000'ASL

Brandon Flying Club - great folks, free transient tiedowns and expensive non-courtesy car. Expensive after hours fuel services. The Flying club is charging for every small service now. A bad place to stop. It used to be fabulous but things have changed for the BAD.

General location map:,-99.953613&spn=6.38616,21.796875&om=1

Google satellite photo:,-99.95194&spn=0.012492,0.042572&t=k
Local Tourism Contacts & Telephone Numbers

Wikipedia entry about the city of Brandon:
Local Activities, Sights & Events of Interest to Visitors According to

"Brandon, a dynamic city with a population of 40,000, boasts of small town warmth and hospitality that is second to none. Nestled in the southwestern corner of Manitoba, Brandon has a rich agricultural heritage and reputation as a prosperous farming community."

Local Activities:

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
On the Brandon airport. A great small museum with superb collection of BCATP yellow airplanes.

During WWII RCAF Station Brandon was home to No. 12 Service Flying Training School under No. 2 Training Command May 16, 1941 to Mar 30, 1945 aircraft flown Cessna Crane and Avro Anson. 12 SFTS had a satellite field at Chater See for more info on this airfield.

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