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Airport Name Vancouver International
Airport Category Certified Airport
Nearest Community Richmond, adjacent east
Latitude (N): 49 11 42
Longitude (W): 123 10 55
Listed in Canada Flight Supplement Yes
Airport ident. CYVR
Appears on a VFR Navigation Chart Yes
Airport Elevation 14
Magnetic Variation 20E
  Runway (Main): Runway (2): Runway (3): Runway (4):
Number: 08R-26L 08L-26R 13-31 26A
Length: 11000 9940 7300 3500
Width: 200 200 200 75
Surface Rwys 08R-26L and 26A are concrete; runways 08L-26R and 12-30 are asphalt and concrete
Night Flying Yes
Maintained Year Round Yes
Radio Communications ATIS 124.6; Clearance Del 121.4; ground 121.7; tower 118.7 (south), 119.55 (north); terminal 125.2; arrival 128.6; departure 126.125 (north) 132.3 (s)
Telephone on the Airport Yes
Customs Airport Entry Yes
Fees on Private Aircraft
Landing $: 31.19
Terminal $: 0.00
Parking $: 0.00
Airport Fuel Tax (litre) $: 0.00
Comments About Fees: Landing fees on all aircraft.

Saturday and Sunday mornings 0730 - 1030 the minimum landing fee on small aircraft is $13.58. The rest of the week the minumum landing fee is $37.24

Minimum parking charge (under 2000 kg) is $11.37.

Complete landing and parking fees at:

Note: this is one (including landing on the river) of the 7 airports in Canada that Nav Canada will charge you $10/day to use
Fuel Prices
100LL $: 1.85
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Fuel Prices with Taxes
100LL $: 0.00
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Date of Fuel Prices 2016-03-01
Fuel Price Comments
*(include Telephone Numbers)
100LL, Jet-A, Jet A-1 available
Esso Avitat 122.85 604-270-2222
Penta Aviation 122.95 604-273-6688
Piedmont Hawthorne (Shell) 123.0 604-279-9922
Seair Services 122.85 604-273-8900 (at the adjacent water aerodrome)
Airport Management Vancouver International Airport Authority (YVR) Tel: 604-207-7022
Airport Web Site
Airport E-mail via contact form only -
Other General Aviation Services on the Airport
very little - this is pretty much just an airline airport
Hotels/Motels with pick up at Airport
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Bed & Breakfasts with pick up at Airport 
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Restaurants on the airport or nearby 
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Camping Airport grounds: No
Washrooms Yes
Nearest COPA Flight DELTA, Flight 5: Al Blakely CD, #46 16995 64 Ave., Surrey, BC, V3S 0V9; Tel: 604-576-1246
Other Local Aviation Associations & Telephone Numbers VANCOUVER, COPA Flight 16: Veryl Nouch, 3-19126 Ford Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 2P1. 604-465-7136; Call for meeting times.

ABBOTSFORD, Flight 83: Bob Robertson, 32630 Willingdon Cres., Abbotsford, BC, V2T 1S2. 604-864-9071; Meetings second Wednesday of each month, 7:30 p.m. at Abbotsford Flying Club.
Remarks Very complex proceedures - see CFS for maps and details.

All departing aircraft are to contact Clearance Delivery on 121.4 prior to contacting ground or taxing.

This airport is not recommended for light aircraft as it is very busy with airline traffic and has few facilities for small private aircraft anymore.

More GA friendly alternative airports in the area:

Boundary Bay


Pitt Meadows

Delta Heritage Air Park
Local Tourism Contacts & Telephone Numbers
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