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Airport Name High Level
Airport Category Certified Airport
Nearest Community High Level, 6 miles to the south-east of the airport
Province: ALBERTA
Latitude (N): 58 37 17
Longitude (W): 117 09 53
Listed in Canada Flight Supplement Yes
Airport ident. CYOJ
Appears on a VFR Navigation Chart No
Airport Elevation 1110
Magnetic Variation 24E
  Runway (Main): Runway (2): Runway (3): Runway (4):
Number: 13-31
Length: 5000
Width: 150
Surface Asphalt
Night Flying Yes
Maintained Year Round Yes
Radio Communications MF - High Level Radio 123.25 Mhz within 5 nm and 4200 feet ASL
Telephone on the Airport Yes
Customs Airport Entry No
Fees on Private Aircraft
Landing $: 0.00
Terminal $: 0.00
Parking $: 3.00
Airport Fuel Tax (litre) $: 0.05
Comments About Fees: Landing Fees (all turbine and commercially registered piston aircraft) $2.47/1000 Kg MTOW, minimum of $15

Helicopters $6.00

Complete fees
Fuel Prices
100LL $: 2.12
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Fuel Prices with Taxes
100LL $: 2.23
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Date of Fuel Prices 2014-05-07
Fuel Price Comments 100ll fuel price is from Swan Aero
After hours charge of $50 per plane... no matter if you're travelling in a group or not.
(3 planes travelling in formation = $150 on top of actual fuel cost. Ouch.)
*(include Telephone Numbers)
100LL, Jet-A and Jet-B available from Swan Aero 780-926-3607. They monitor the MF. Refueller lives at the airport.
Airport Management Town of High Level Tel: 780-926-3659
Airport Web Site
Airport E-mail
Other General Aviation Services on the Airport

The Airport Managers office is located in the Air Terminal Building just below the Nav Canada Flight Services tower, and is open from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. The manager is an employee of the Town of High Level and can be reached as follows:
Phone: 780-926-3659
Fax: 780-926-2939

Delta Helicopters: Phone: 780-926-3848 or 24 Hr toll free 1-800-665-3564

Canadian Helicopters: Phone: 780-926-2686

Highland Helicopters: Phone: 780-926-2284

The other 2 based in the vicinity of the airport are:

Gemini Helicopters: Phone: 780-926-5558

Airborne Energy Solutions: Phone: 780-926-4480

Fixed Wing operations:

Fixed wing operations are operated locally by Noralta aviation. They provide charter operations, and take you to to the many fly-in fishing lakes. In addition Noralta aviation is the regional medevac services provider contracted by the province.
Phone: 780-927-4630
Hotels/Motels with pick up at Airport
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Bed & Breakfasts with pick up at Airport 
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Restaurants on the airport or nearby 
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Camping Airport grounds: No
Washrooms Yes
Nearest COPA Flight Tel:
Other Local Aviation Associations & Telephone Numbers
Remarks Lighting is TE ME and P2 on both runways

Navids: NDB "OJ" on 239 khz 3.9 nm to the airport on a beraing of 322 degrees

VOR/DME "YOJ" 113.3 channel 80, 310 degrees and 4.2 nm to the airport.

CAUTION: Deer and moose can be found in the vicinity of the airport.

Pilot Information Kiosk is no longer available. Complete flight planning and weather services are provided by the Edmonton Flight Information Center @ 1-866-WXBRIEF

General location map:,-117.158203&spn=10.301175,43.59375&om=1&iwloc=A

Google sat photo:,-117.164726&spn=0.020289,0.085144&t=k
Local Tourism Contacts & Telephone Numbers
Local Activities, Sights & Events of Interest to Visitors from:

The High Level Airport, located 12 kilometers north of the town of High Level on highway #35, is a modern facility that handles regional traffic and passengers for the Town of High Level and a large portion of the Municipal District of Mackenzie. The airport is home to several charter helicopter companies, and a fixed wing aircraft operator. There are currently three scheduled airlines operating from the High Level Airport to Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie and beyond. The Airport is also home to one of the larger Air Tanker bases operated by Alberta Sustainable Resources Development.

People fly into the High Level Airport from all over the world to enjoy the regions wilderness areas for fishing, hunting or the always impressive Northern Lights displays that the region is famous for. A lot of the air traffic during the winter months is charter aircraft servicing the extensive oil and gas fields that are one of the region's largest employers.
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