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Airport Name Black Diamond (Cu Nim)
Airport Category Registered Aerodrome
Nearest Community Black Diamond
Province: ALBERTA
Latitude (N): 50 43 21
Longitude (W): 114 10 46
Listed in Canada Flight Supplement Yes
Airport ident. CEH2
Appears on a VFR Navigation Chart Yes
Airport Elevation 3700
Magnetic Variation 17 E
  Runway (Main): Runway (2): Runway (3): Runway (4):
Number: 07-25 14-32
Length: 3014 2230
Width: 300 200
Surface Turf Very Rough not recommended.
Night Flying No
Maintained Year Round No
Radio Communications 123.4 Mhz
Telephone on the Airport No
Customs Airport Entry No
Fees on Private Aircraft
Landing $: 0.00
Terminal $: 0.00
Parking $: 0.00
Airport Fuel Tax (litre) $: 0.00
Comments About Fees:
Fuel Prices
100LL $: 0.00
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Fuel Prices with Taxes
100LL $: 0.00
Mogas $: 0.00
Jet Fuel $: 0.00
Date of Fuel Prices 0000-00-00
Fuel Price Comments no fuel available
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Nearest aviation fuel is at High River Airport.
Airport Management Cu Nim Gliding Club Tel: 403 938 2793
Airport Web Site
Airport E-mail
Other General Aviation Services on the Airport
Glider introduction flights available. Private don't just show up. Also glider transition training for power pilots. Clubhouse door code (1,2,3,4)
Hotels/Motels with pick up at Airport
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Bed & Breakfasts with pick up at Airport 
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Restaurants on the airport or nearby 
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None on the airport. Black Diamond is 5 KM to the NW.
Camping Airport grounds: No
Washrooms No
Nearest COPA Flight Tel:
Other Local Aviation Associations & Telephone Numbers
Remarks When overflying, please avoid the CYA 263(S) Advisory Airspace, a 4 Nm radius circle centered on the Cu Nim airfield, when operations are underway. The possibly many, small, difficult to see sailplanes will have erratic flight patterns. Please attempt to contact us on radio frequency 123.4 MHz to determine if we are operating.
Private Not recommended for visitors.

Powered aircraft are unwelcome to utilize the Cu Nim airfield at their own risk. The runways are grass and have irregular surfaces, with badgers making large holes in inopportune locations (backfilled by Cu Nim club members on a regular basis during the flying season). Please contact us at 123.4 MHz well in advance of landing.

Runway 07/25 is the preferred runway for most Cu Nim operations and will generally be in better condition than 14/32.

Runway 07/25 is of length 3000 ft and width 300 feet. Runway 14/32 is of length 2300 ft and width 200 feet. Runway 25 has a slight upgrade, as does runway 32.

General location map:,-114.178162&spn=0.789211,2.724609

Google sat photo:,-114.179449&spn=0.024669,0.085144&t=k&om=1

Wikipedia Information:
Local Tourism Contacts & Telephone Numbers

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Local Activities, Sights & Events of Interest to Visitors Black Diamond and Turner Valley are in the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies. The scenery is great! Both towns have a selection of restaurants, a great bakery and low end motel/hotel accommodation. Just go there, don't waste time at airport.

There no cab service available to town as Black Diamond is walking distance from the airport.
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